Monday, April 11, 2016

Life Changing Decision

     I was not always a student in the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. I started as a Political Science major but quickly realized that I needed something more exciting. To test the J-School waters, I took RTV3007: Introduction to Telecommunication while I was still a PoliSci major and cemented the thought that I was making the right decision to change my major. The next semester I took the News Placement Test to get into the news track.
Focused and Operating Camera at TedXUF 2016
Credits: Ryan Roberts
Weimer Wonder Team in action at the TedXUF 2016 bringing entertainment worldwide since November 2015
Credits: Unknown 
     The J-School has provided me has helped me sharpen my skills as a journalist (both behind the scenes and in front of the scene ) and has provided me with never ending opportunities.
     While it has been fun it has not been easy. Being a Telecommunication News major has helped me push boundaries I never knew I could push. That would not be possible without the countless resources that is provided to me in the INC and also on the Production Side. Given an opportunity to change my major again I would.

Behind the Scenes work for WUFT's First at Five in Summer 2015
Working Camera during UF Homecoming Parade in November 2015

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cool Blogger Alert !!! x 2

     My classmates are some of the best writers I come across. They chose something they are passionate about and write about it. The second group are the Cool Bloggers are the lovers of fitness.
     First up is Nikki Rode. I really like her blog. She has a post smoothies and that was very informative. Every thing in the picture she posted looked pretty affordable. Healthy food is not cheap but you can manage.
     Second up is Kelsey Sanchez Gonzalez. Her blog motivates you to workout and get healthier. She enjoys doing cardio. She stadiums twice a week. That is pretty intense. She gave some great advice about going to class dressed ready to go work out. She encourages a healthy lifestyle.
     Third up is Alexis Geffin. Her leg workout are burnouts. I did some the other day and it felt awesome. I was a little sore but it was a great.
      One thing that all these blogs have in common is that we should always stretch before and after every workout.I have gotten some pointers from these Cool Bloggers and the others to help me live a healthier life.

Cool Blogger Alert !!!

     My classmates are some of the best writers I come across. They chose something they are passionate about and they write about it. The first group are the Cool Bloggers who have been dreaming about being journalist and telling stories since they can remember.
     First up is Darling Hill. Her blog shows her passion for the journalism field. She also take chances. Every opportunity she gets to learn something new, she takes. She is doing a great job following her dreams.
     Second up is Nestor Montoya. His blog is very interesting. In the pictures he shares in his blog, you can see he enjoy what he does. His story about being a dreamer surely helps him achieve whatever he sets his mind too.
     Third up is Crystal Bailey. Her blog is written sort of like a diary to share what she is thinking with her readers. Her passion can be shown in her post about the mobile park family who were having issues with mold and holes in there rented home.
     All of these Cool Bloggers will be going far in this field because the passion that it ignites in them will not go out easily.


Thursday, March 17, 2016


James is a third year telecommunication- news major at the University of Florida. James was born and raised in Haiti, at 17 he moved to the United States where completed his secondary education and now he is getting bachelors degree at the College of Journalism and Communication at UF.

James has been involved with the journalism college. He has been an anchor for Radio Reading Service. He also work as a reporter for WUFT-FM and WUFT-TV. He was a camera Operator for the WUFT-TV's flagship news show "First at Five" and most recently worked with a crew of over 20 students to air the 2015 UF Homecoming Parade as a camera operator. He was floor manager  for "First at Five" where he taught incoming students how to operate cameras and different shots. He continues to grow within WUFT mastering different positions every semester. James enjoys learning and loves to teach. He hopes to continue learning more about journalism field.

In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports. He also love to dance kompa.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


         James S. Fertil                             @j_fertil 
University of Florida: Gainesville, Florida                      May 2017
  Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication- News                                                                         


Reporter, 89.1 WUFT-FM (NPR)                                                                 September 2015-present
Wrote and Edited stories for hourly radio broadcast
Camera Operator, Floor Manager, Prompter Operator WUFT-TV (PBS), Gainesville, FL      May 2015-present
  Developed shots for live broadcast
  Ensured that all floor equipments are functioning properly and Cued anchors
  Instructed new camera operators

Student Assistant, University of Florida, Office of the Registrar, Gainesville, FL                September 2013-present
       Scanned and imaged student records into a university wide system
       Labeled existing records to make it easier to locate upon student request
       Indexed and quality controlled records to find errors


 Treasurer, Club Creole, Gainesville, FL                                                                        April 2015-present

    •  Elected to budget and maintain financial records of the organization
    •  Served as chair of Fundraising Committee

Member, Gator Chapter of National Association of Black Journalist, Gainesville, FL                 January 2015-present
     •  Participated in bi-weekly workshops to develop skills as a multimedia journalist
     •  Shadowed members of NABJ who anchor, produce, and report with the college television statio

Liaison Director, Club Creole, Gainesville, FL                                                                          October 2013-May 2014
  Oversaw all publications, advertising, and general public relations of the organization
  Fundraised over $1000 dollars through weekly fundraising activities for 2014 Club Creole Week while collaborating with 20 other Directors and Executive Board members
  Managed scholarship pageant social media accounts that lead to the addition of over 100 new followers

UF Homecoming Parade Production, College of Journalism and Communications                            November 2015
Student Journalism Institute, College of Journalism and Communications                  June 2015
Boy and Girls Club, TitleTown Gator Club                                                                                            May 2015
Gator Plunge, Center for Leadership and Service                                                                                    September 2013


   KLZ Newsroom, Social Media, Haitian Creole, French (conversational), Camera Operation, Floor Managing

Thursday, February 25, 2016

It won't Stop Raining

It just rains in Gainesville when you least expect it. That is where the name Rainesville comes from. You might start the day with a beautiful blue sky,  but by the time you get off work or class it starts raining out of nowhere. Even though it rains a lot here, I like this place. There are so many beautiful organic places to go to visit. Paynes Prairie -- The DNA Bridge-- The Hippodrome are some cool places to begin with. You will not be disappointed. I know I'm not.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A little Taste of Home...

Introduce them to it! 

We are all in college and most likely BROKE. That should not be a problem. Many students organizations at the University of Florida are always bringing their cultural cuisines to Gainesville. I will only be writing about one for today. Club Creole the Haitian Student Organization on campus usually has fundraisers where for a donation you get to enjoy the flavors of the distinct Haitian cuisine. My favorite food to get from Club Creole is their Griot Komplè which has Haitian Black Rice, Griot, Banann Peze, and Pikliz.
latest Club Creole Cuisine flyer.

They have  Griot, which is fried spiced up pork. The Banann Peze is flattened fried plantain. Haitian Black Rice. Pikliz and a glass of Passion Fruit juice just seal the deal.

If you ever come across a plate of griot komplè this is how you eat it. You put the pikliz on everything from the griot to the banann peze and enjoy.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chill, I know it's your birthday... Free Food!


You are old but never too old for some free food. In Gainesville, when it is your big day (BIRTHDAY!!!), some restaurants help your stomach celebrate. This is the list of place of my who gives free food either with a coupon or not. They just need your I-D. Free Food Alert: Medium Sub at Firehouse Subs, Free Meal (anything) at Chik-fil-A, Small Smoothie at Planet Smoothie, Free Dinner at Yamatos. You're Welcome!